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Frequently Asked Questions

HABU® Mod 1 simply racks like your pistol slide! Take your non-trigger/ off hand, over the top and in one motion rack HABU® to the rear and release.
If you are not completely satisfied with HABU® Mod 1 you may return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or exchange.
All returns must include the original receipt. We do our best to process same day returns, refunds, and exchanges but it may take up to 1 week, not including transit times.

It is recommended that you return merchandise with a carrier that offers tracking numbers and full value insurance on the parcels. Falcon 37 Inc. cannot be responsible for any packages that are lost while being shipped to us. Please note, that USPS Priority mail does not offer tracking capabilities on packages, and they will only initiate a trace on packages after a 30-day waiting period. NOTE: Shipping charges and/or shipping costs are not subject to refunds.

Where can I buy HABU® Mod 1?
You can buy direct right here on our online store, or go to one of our great distributor partners:

Will it work on any Stock?
HABU® Mod 1 works on almost any stock that is properly extended and configured for shooting.
It isn’t designed to work well with the following stocks:
Daniel Defense stocks with rubber cheek rests. (It will work with Hogue Rubberized Stocks)

TAPCO Intrafuse T6 type stocks.

Because of the flared polymer ring where the stock connects with the buffer tube, our product will work on some without modification or all if the forward ring is filed down. Do not modify stock if your rifle is still under warranty as this action voids the warranty. With some stocks that are fully retracted, HABU® Mod 1 will extend out past the butt plate slightly when charging. Experienced shooters rarely fire their rifle with the stock retracted. HABU® Mod 1 will also work with the Sig Brace.

Will it work w the 7.62?
 The HABU® Mod 1 will not work with 7.62 x 51mm chambered rifles. HABU® Mod 2 for 7.62 x 51mm will go into manufacturing and be available to you very soon.

Will it work with any upper receiver?

 Yes, it's  been tested in over 30 different upper receivers during development. It worked in all of them including a Noveske after a slight design change.

How does your product work with wet or muddy hands/gloves?
 HABU® Mod 1 will operate wet, muddy or bloody. The serrations cut into the polymer permit a much better grip. The shooter has more torque when charging or clearing jams.

What if I have to "mortar" the rifle?
The following is a quote from Bill Rogers of the Rogers Shooting School in Ellijay, GA: “I taught a rifle class last week and used the charging handle every day.  It worked quite well.  I had a serious jam caused by an oversized neck of a case that I was able to clear using the "mortar" clearing technique.  The HABU handle offered a great grip to clear the malfunction.  Much better then the conventional charging handle.”

​Is HABU® Mod 1 tough? What is it made of?
 Yes! While demonstrating a HABU® prototype to the US Marines Marksmanship Team, one Sergeant “shotgunned” the rifle which was unusually heavy to begin with and pressed HABU® down on the table while it supported the entire rifle hanging off the table. While we do not recommend trying this with yours, HABU® will not let you down in tough conditions.
It is built with 7075 Mil Spec, hard coat anodized Aluminum that extends all the way to the rear of HABU® much like a full tang knife. The gripping/cheek rest surface is made from 80/18 glass polymer which is the same material as the Glock pistol.

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