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Falcon 37 Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned company and growing developer of revolutionary new Rapid Target Engagement Systems. While developing a cheek riser for the AR that would work with adjustable stocks in all positions, Falcon 37 invented a better, faster way to operate the AR overall.

Our staff consists entirely of former Marines, Oakland, CA Police Officer and an Army Officer. Most of our family members are currently serving our nation and when they and their buddies deploy with  HABU® to combat zones, we take great satisfaction knowing they go with the best we can offer.

Today 32 Million +  Americans not including Military and Law Enforcement own “America’s Rifle.”

Some industry experts with access to HABU® describe it as, “Brilliant in it’s simplicity.” In February 2014, Falcon 37 Incorporated in the State of North Carolina; registered C-Corp. Please Click Here for our Falcon37 fact sheet in PDF format.