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HABU® Double Stack kit

$34.79 $28.79


Please make sure you checkout the list of non-compatible stocks when you purchase a Habu Mod-1 or Habu Mod-2.

HABU® Double Stack kit


For HABU Mods 1 and 2(Arachnigrip for HABU not included)

Falcon 37 is now offering the HABU® Double Stack kit so you have even more options to customize your HABU® to different rifle/optic or shooting preference. Using your existing HABU® Charging Handle, you can now get an additional polymer cheek riser and longer, MilSpec screws.

The Double Stack kit gives the shooter double the gripping power and just enough additional cheek weld for those that need it. Other than the charging handles themselves(Mod 1 for 5.56 or Mod 2 for 7.62), HABU® parts are completely interchangeable so if you are already using an ArachniGrip for HABU®, the Double Stack kit simply goes underneath the polymer part you applied the Arachnigrip to.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green


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