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Please make sure you checkout the list of non-compatible stocks when you purchase a Habu Mod-1 or Habu Mod-2.




To Operate HABU Mod 1 for AR-15 /5.56/.223 simply rack it like you would a pistol slide. With your dominant hand, trigger finger indexed outside of the trigger guard, take your non-dominate hand with your thumb to the rear, in one motion grasp, pull to the rear and release.

HABU increases target re-engagement speed after a malfunction because HABU enables the shooter:
1. Faster, more robust malfunction clearing with less effort while keeping the target in your optic and the rifle on your shoulder rather than dropping the rifle from your shoulder to operate other charging handles. HABU allows the shooter to use their major motor skills to fully torque and charge the charging handle in the right direction rather than torquing the mechanism to the right or left.

2. By eliminating the gasses going into the shooters face using suppressors or not, the shooter can shave approximately 1.5 seconds re- their target clearly.
Both of the above benefits can shave between a full 2 – 3 seconds off your re-engagement time which is critical for Military and Law Enforcement Entry Teams, Competitive shooters and varmint hunters alike!

The HABU was designed by veterans who saw a need for an integral cheek riser for the AR. This was needed to better align the shooters eye with magnified optics with short eye reliefs. The Army and Marine Corps both issue magnified optics to their ground troops. For many years it has been impossible for most shooters to attain a proper sight picture without goose-necking, until now. solves this issue and will provide the solution that many asked for, yet only Falcon 37 delivered.

Why HABU Mod 1 is a “Must Have” AR part.
By combining the charging handle and cheek rest Mod 1 not only accelerates and improves operation of the AR platform, it looks BAD-ASS… like it belongs there! HABU Mod 1’s gripping surface works just as well under wet, muddy or bloody conditions.

Falcon 37 Inc. wanted to create an effective, ergonomic cheek rest device that would work with adjustable stocks in any position; without stock modifications, allowing the shooter to keep the rifle on his shoulder and indexing ones cheek in the proper position using optics. Having proper cheek weld on the weapon minimizes the time the shooter spends “chasing the red dot or reticle” with their eye.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green


Yes, No


• Ambidextrous – Right or Left-handed, same movement for obstacles/barricades.
• Racks like a Pistol Slide, off/non dominant hand over the top, charge, release
• Smoother to Operate
• Requires only Major Motor Skills, critical under extreme stress
• No reaching under optics that extend over the charging handle.
• Patent Pending latch eliminates latch release
• Diverts gas away from shooters face even while using suppressors
• Two positions available for optic used and eye relief of shooter
• Fully Adjustable in the field
• Faster malfunction clearing than regular and enhanced charging handles
• Faster bringing optic to bear against target with proper cheek weld

Non Compatible Stocks

Falcon 37 designed HABU® Mods 1 and 2 to operate on as many of the currently used stocks as possible but we had to draw the line somewhere. While these are good stocks, HABU® is not fully compatible with these stocks without modifications.

Daniel Defense stocks with rubberized siding.

Hogue stocks with rubberized over mold

Maxim CQB stock

In this photo of the CQB stock fully collapsed, the arrow points to the location where if the stock was fully extended to the rear, HABU® might cause a short stroke. HABU® works well in the other 3 positions.

5 reviews for HABU® MOD 1

  1. Todd Kocian (verified owner)

    Fantastic! I really love the HABU and I am running 4 of them on my various builds. I’m giving one to me son in law for Christmas too. Highly recommended! I live in Michigan and the HABU makes charging your weapon super easy, even with gloves on in the sub zero temps we have here.

    • Steve Parker

      Thank you Todd. We’re glad we could help you make shooting your AR a better experience.

  2. Eric Morehead (verified owner)

    This is one of the best modifications I ever put on an AR. I no longer have to fight my optics when charging my weapon. I’m an officer and I will be recommending this item to everyone i know. This item is amazing and super easy to install. Thank you Falcon 37 for making a great product that eliminates the frustration we all go through.

  3. Used Guns For Salein Australia

    This sounds like a brilliant brilliant idea!!

  4. Ricky G Reed (verified owner)

    I wanted to upgrade my AR 15 and the Habu was the best option for an alternate charging handle. I had seen the ones that operated like a bolt charging handle on Browning machine guns, but reviews pointed out they caught on everything and over time, damaged the inside of the upper receiver. Then I read about the Habu, and watched the videos of it in action. It not only served as a cheek weld, but a charging handle to boot. When I received it, I lubed it lightly with oil, then installed it. It functions perfectly. Anyone tired of struggling with a charging handle, especially with optics, should buy this.

  5. Brandon V. (verified owner)

    I’m not an impulse buyer, but I bought this immediately after randomly running across a video and I knew I had to get it. The price did deter me for a little bit, but it is well worth the money. I just received it today and I put it on my AR pistol and it is the most useful thing I could have put on it, and most innovative thing for the AR platform I have seen in a long time. I’ll probably get them for the rest of my AR’s. This thing is incredible!

    Installs easily and although not necessary, I put blue Loctite on the threads of the two screws on the handle. Just a habit of mine to put Loctite on everything firearm related.

    Smooth action when grabbing the handle and racking it back. Takes some getting used to due to it being a completely different system than the regular AR charging handles, but it feels more natural and it does not take long to get a grip on how to use it effectively. Now my AR pistol racks like a pistol.

    Highly recommended.

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